Sunday, May 15, 2011

Welcome to my new Blog!

This is my place to share my thoughts on Jewelry and Women of the West! What do the two have in common? Everything, when it comes to my jewelry. My jewelry is all about empowering the inimitable bold spirit in women.
My company, Montana Belle Jewels, is named after the notorious turn of the century outlaw "The Bandit Queen", Belle Star. A movie was made about her, in 1952, staring Jane Russell, titled "Montana Belle".

I became intrigued with these turn of the century Wild Women, after moving to my home here in Montana. I love it here, with it's wide open spaces, but it takes a special breed of woman to like it out here. Life is a bit rougher, and the stakes are a bit higher. It got me to thinking, what was it like for the women who settled this country? They truly were a special breed of Bold Spirited Women!

But we all posess that spirit. Regaurdless of where we live and what our circumstances. My goal is to encourage that spirit through stories about these wonderful women and creating beautiful jewelry as symbols of that bold spirit within each of us.
The Buddhists call it "Bodhisattva", the Enlightened Warrior Within, I call it the Bold Spirited Woman. Call it what you may, I just encourage you to embrace it!

Montana Belle Jewels Blog